Men Modify Rental Car with Home-Made ‘Snorkel’, Take Off-Road Near Queenstown

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A rental car with home-made modifications, including a “snorkel” made from downpipe, has been pink-stickered by police after being driven off-road.

The driver was issued with an infringement notice and ordered not to drive the car by police at Queenstown Airport on Wednesday.

Constable Matt Hargreaves said four men rented the car, took the bonnet off and added a “snorkel”, before taking the car on an off-road joyride around the hills of Arrowtown. Continue reading

Police Apathy Over Stolen Cars ‘Just the Tip of the Iceberg’ for Auckland Man

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A man who has had multiple cars stolen from his South Auckland business says police “just don’t want to know about it”.

Six cars were stolen in broad daylight from Ian Charlton’s Manukau rental car company, Rent a Dent, over a period of two years – putting him more than $20,000 out of pocket.

But Charlton said when he reported it, police had no interest in doing anything.

The 46-year-old father of four came forward after news on Sunday of a Wellington man taking justice in to his own hands to recover a stolen trailer, and claiming similar police apathy.

Charlton said his experience with police is worse.

“We had five cars stolen last year and one so far this year. I’m not talking about late at night, breaking glass and hot wiring the car. People come in and rent a car off us … and literally just don’t bring the car back.”

He said crooks would present false details and stolen credit cards, and there was little way of knowing they were fraudulent until they didn’t return the car.

Police insisted they were actively investigating two reports of stolen vehicles from Charlton’s business.

But Charlton said he has never seen any evidence of a police investigation. Continue reading