Rental Car Relocation – List of ALL the Rental Cars Needing Relocation in New Zealand

Rental Car companies are always needing to move their vehicles between branches around the country.

For example, a large number of international visitors hire a rental car (or campervan) from Auckland and they drive it down to Wellington or Christchurch over a couple of weeks, and then fly back home from there.

The trouble with this is that the rental car companies end up with a large numbers of rental cars and campervans in certain cities. How do they get them back to the main centres in time for the next full paying customer?

That’s where you come in. You can return one of these rental cars/campervans for them:

  • Sometimes the rental car hire / campervan is free and you just pay for your petrol
  • Sometimes they give you 50% off the rental car / motorhome
  • Sometimes it’s totally free and they even pay for the Inter-islander Ferry!

If I’ve missed any on the following list, let me know in the comments below.

List of Rental Cars Needing Relocation

Take a peek at all of them at once

    • Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Picton, Blenheim, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargil, Greymouth
    • Auckland, Wellington, Picton, Christchurch
    • Auckland, Picton, Christchurch, Queenstown, Greymouth, Dunedin
    • Occasionally list cars that need relocation
    • Christchurch | Wellington | Auckland + AKL Airport to AKL city
    • Auckland City, Auckland Airport, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown
    • An odd system. You need to reserve without actually knowing which ones are available
  8. (Pegasus Rental Cars)
    • A few listed. From Auckland to Dunedin

List of Motorhomes / RV’s / Campervans Needing Relocation

Take a peek at all of them at once

    • Sometimes have campervans for relocation from South to North
    • From Christchurch to Auckland, save 30%
    • Sometimes have campervans for relocation
    • From Christchurch to Auckland
    • Sometimes have campervans for relocation
    • From Christchurch to Auckland
    • You just register in their database and they'll email you when they have a campervan to move
    • Offering 10% off normal rental for returns

List of Websites Listing Private, Person-to-Person Motorhome / Campervan Rental

Take a peek at all of them at once

    • 100s listed in Auckland + Christchurch
    • Reasonable coverage NZ-wide
    • Only a few RV's listed in NZ

Websites That List Many Rental Cars From Many Brands Needing Relocation

If you are thinking of creating a aggregator website to list all rental cars needing returning from lots of different rental car companies, think again.  You won’t get rich.

There are only 2 in New Zealand:

    Aggregates lots of rental car companies on one website. Pascal (CMO) tells me they do about 1000 cars a month!
    Aggregates returns for about 12 NZ camper van companies (the site is for USA + Canada + AU + NZ and is not super-easy to use, but the NZ list is good)

210 thoughts on “Rental Car Relocation – List of ALL the Rental Cars Needing Relocation in New Zealand

  1. Available to drive vehicle/camper/light truck from Auckland to Wellington week beginning 4th April.

  2. Is there a re-locatable vehicle available from Wellington-Auckland (from 21st to 23rd April) or from Auckland to Wellington (from 23rd to 25th)?

  3. Can drive a car/campervan/motorhome asap (april 22nd) from auckland to wellington or christchurch. Please let me know!

  4. Hi Sheldon,

    Came across you list. Nice and seems to be quite representable for the NZ car relocation market!
    In terms of the number of vehicles we move it is very season dependant. Low season gives less vehicles to move around the country. But also extreme high season (late dec/ early jan) shows almost no cars on our site as the rental car companies don’t have any cars to move..
    So take another look at our site – currently there are about 40 free cars and campers up there, and they shift all the time! 🙂


  5. Thanks for this list first time I’ve come across this – hope it takes off. Our company Yourway Car Rentals ( has been doing relocations from Christchurch to Auckland as of late.

  6. I am available to drive a vehicle from Nelson to Christchurch 28th or 29th of October and Christchurch to Nelson 30th or 31st November 2011.

  7. Hi there Rental car people. Any Cars needed to be return on the 10 november from hamilton back to auckland. Let me know, There’s a coffe and food Tab at the cafe i own in hamilton in it for ya. Wifey has the car. And thought ill give this a go. Cheers.

  8. Hi needing a car to drive from Christchurch to Queenstown on 11th January 2012. Pick up time as early as possible. Our flight into Christchurch arrives at 12.20am that day.

    Thank you

  9. Hi. I am available to drive a car from Wellington to Auckland this Friday 2 December. Car needs to be a midsized hatch or bigger due to the fact I need to take a chair back with me. Many thanks.

  10. I can take a vehicle or campervan from Christchurch to Wellington anywhere between the 18th of December to the 24th of December.

  11. arring into Auckland on the 21st dec international airport and want to drive to wellington got any cars to deliver 43 years of age.

  12. I can take a vehicle or campervan from Auckland to Christchurch anywhere between the 22th of December to the 25th of December.

  13. Able to relocate a car from Auckland to Wellington or Palmerston North. Arriving Auckland International on the 26th January 2012. Mature driver.

    • Hi Alice,

      Let me know the detail of the car. We are going to wellington. If you are fine I will relocate your car.

      Call me: 0212453247

      Kiruba v.r.

  14. need to get to auckland on the 3rd of feb to the airport by 7.30. need to know if there might be a car to relocate by anychance.

  15. need to get to auckland on the 3rd of feb to the airport by 7.00.
    need to know if there might be a relocatable car for that date. thank you

  16. Available to relocate a rental car/campervan from Wellington to Dunedin, also happy to consider other South Island locations. Would like to leave Wellington on or around 7 February – aiming to be at final destination on or before 13 Feb. Thanks!

  17. Am travelling around the South Island from mid March 2012 and am available to relocate a vehicle from ChCh to Auckland such that it will arrive there around about 16 March.

  18. available to travel from queenstown to christchurch on 20th February 2012. able to pick up evening before to enable early start.

  19. I am available to relocate a car or campervan from CHC (City/Airport) to AKL (City/Airport). Pick up 05/06 April 2012. 021 0274 8530. Cheers

  20. Available to drive any vehicle to Queenstown anytime next week from anywhere in the North Island. Quite flexible just need to be there next week.

  21. I am available to relocate a car from Nelson to Christchurch and/or Christchurch to Nelson 10th, 11th,or 12th April. email or ph. 0211144296

  22. I am available to drive/relocate a van, camper van or station wagon from Wellington to Auckland in late May or early June 2012. I am a careful, mature, responsible driver. Please contact me if you require a driver around this time. Thanks

  23. Available to relocate vehicle on 25th May from Christchurch to either Blenheim or Picton and back again on 27th 2012. Thanks

  24. I’m a semi-retired Wellingtonian, presently visiting family up here in Auckland, & am available for vehicle relocation Auckland-Wellington (or possibly further,as family also in Ch.Ch). Very careful driver of 48 years “behind the wheel” experience! Flexible dates, but possibly from Sunday 24th June, and I’m also open to assisting others with lifts etc.

  25. Am 46 year old NZ driver with class 1,2 licence. My daughter and I going on road trip from Hamilton to Wellington(or Tauranga) Sunday 1st or Monday 2nd July (school hols). Prefer not to take my Falcon xr6. We then heading across ferry to picton, eventually ending up in Christchurch……….SO! could bring back campervan and drive it to Auckland, Hamilton or Tauranga, this would be on Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th. CAN this be mutually beneficial?

  26. Would love to relocate a car/campervan from Christchurch to Auckland around 13 July; alternatively from Queenstown to Auck. around 11-12-13 July. Refs etc available. Best Paul

  27. Available to drive a people mover from Dunedin to Christchurch airport – pk up November 20 drop off November 30, 2012

  28. Hi there,
    we require a campervan from the 8th of July . We prefer a 6 or 4 berth but smaller ok. To pick up in Christchurch from the airport . To relocate to Queenstown by the 10th or 11th . Pick up on the 10th a car or campervan and returning to Christchurch by the evening of the 11th . Drop off close to the airport.

  29. Available to drive a people mover from Dunedin to Christchurch airport – pk up November 29 drop off November 30, 2012

  30. Hi, Looking for a relocation from Christchurch to Queenstown 22 July 2012 (for 1 – 3 days) then Queenstown to Christchurch 26 July to 27 July.. Anything available? Any size vehicle required. Drivers over 25. Thanks.

  31. Looking for a car (that needs to be relocated) to drive from Wellington to Rotorua or Hamilton. Also can consider Auckland if required. Any size automatic car is OK. Need it tomorrow (16th July).

  32. Looking to relocate any size vehicle(not a truck) from Dunedin to Christchurch 5th or 6th August 2012.Is there anything available?Over 25 driver.Manual or auto fine.Thanks,Lynette

    • Are you the Lynette Atwell/Goode that attended CGHS?
      If so, please contact neralie brittenden [] re your booklet.
      Jo Brown/Frengley

  33. I am able to drive a 2 berth / 4 berth or 6 berth camperhome / motorhome from Queenstown to Auckland
    or Christchurch to Auckland on the 8th or 9th October.
    Or a larger car such as a station wagon or large sedan or 4×4.

    Thanks Alina

  34. Have been driving safely for more than 20 years. Would like a larger size vehicle to relocate from Wgtn to Dunedin/ Christchurch sometime in November 2012.


  35. Hi,

    I am looking to head to Tapanui for Christmas and wondered if there was a vehicle needing relocated from Nelson to Dunedin or Invercargill around the 20th of December and perhaps something back up on boxing day.

  36. Very flexible for the next 3 weeks. 26 Nov to 15 Dec. Willing to relocate a vehicle from Wellington to Hamilton or in the Nelson area across to North Island. From Greymouth area north to Picton. Let me know if this works for anyone. My phone 0223115235 willing to ride share too.

  37. hi

    do you have a transfer/re-location CAR or CAMPER from either Christchurch/Queenstown to Auckland week starting 3/12 ?


  38. Hi, I am available to drive Campervan from Christchurch to anywhere (and back possibly) between 21st dec 2012 to 2nd Jan 2012. regards, kevin

  39. Able to relocate from Auckland to preferably Palmerston North, if not, can do Wellington too between 29 Nov 2012 – 3 Dec 2012. Clean driver license. 0212976779

  40. Hi I am available to drive car from Auckland to Wellington 22, 23, or 24-12-12 then Picton to Christchurch 23, 24-12 and return Christchurch to Auckland before December 31st. Clean driver license. Mob 0292007927 Thanks!

  41. Hi we are hoping there maybe a car for the 22nd/23rd December 2012 .
    Collecting in Christchurch and driving to Picton.
    5 seat car and enough room for luggage. Eg.Station Wagon/ Sedan
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  42. Hi, we are looking for any vehicle type (only 2 of us) that is needing relocating from Christchurch city or airport to Invercargille or queenstown. We can leave Christchurch on the 27th Dec and be in Invercargille by the 29th Dec.

  43. Hi we have a car that needs to be picked up in Dunedin in the next couple of days (12/12/12 today!) and bought Straight up to Wellington or onto the ferry before Xmas. We can discuss what costs we can cover. We would want an experienced driver with a clean license.

  44. available to relocate a car from chch to nelson…go up 20th dec, drop off 21st and pick up return car 21st and return 22nd…back in chch 23rd…

  45. Hi
    I,m looking for a camper to re.locate from Wellington to Auckland any date Jan-March.
    Experienced driver, 40 years clean license.

  46. Just did a big update. Check out some of the new ones in the list. One that stood out is Omega who do AKL airport to AKL city relocations! Cheaper than a taxi anyway.

  47. hi keen to relocate vehicle from queesntown to wellington in feb . after 15th .
    Experienced driver with clean license.

  48. Avaiable to relocate a motorhome or a camper from Auckland to chch (2 adults)
    pickup 21 or 22 feb
    dropp off 01 march in chch
    Reliable driver

  49. I am available to relocate a campervan or motorhome either Wellington to Auckland or Auckland to Wellington or Christchurch to Auckland or Auckland to Christchurch departing Wednesday April 24, arriving Sunday April 28. 45 year old female, clean drivers licence. 2 pax. Can be contacted on 021367642. Thanks.

  50. I am seeking a van to travel from CHCH to Wellington on 10 February. Need to be able to fit lounge suite inside and dining table which I am taking to welly for my daughter.

  51. Available to drive a vehicle from Dunedin to Wellington and as far north as Palmerston North if needed, between the 21st of February till 1st of March

  52. I’m hoping to hire a car from Auckland to Wellington (12th-14th March) and from Wellington back to Auckland (20th-22nd March). Are there any relocation deals on these dates…or, could I ‘relocate’ the same vehicle?!

  53. Looking to relocate a rental vehicle from Picton 24th April to Auckland on 26th April.
    Dont mind what type of vehicle but not a mini or a tanker. Mobil home all good.

  54. available to relocate campervan or car from Mount Maunganui 25th March 2013 to Auckland arriving in Auckland sun 25th or mon 26th

  55. available to relocate campervan or car from Tauranga/Mount Maunganui 24th March 2013 to Auckland dropping off sun 24th or mon 25th

  56. available to relocate campervan or car from Auckland 25th March 2013 to Tauranga/Mount Maunganui dropping off mon 25th or tues 26th

  57. Hello. is there any rentals needing relocating from invercargill, dunedin or queenstown to Christchurch round 19-20th april?

  58. I am wanting to relocate a vehicle from Christchurch to either Auckland or Picton, during the week of April 30th to 4th May.

  59. Travelling to Napier anytime from 19th April and returning at end of the month if you have any vehicles needing relocating from Wellsford or Auckland and return of course.

  60. Am able to relocate a car/truck from Christchurch to Picton tomorrow 18/04/2013
    and can also return one from Picton to Christchurch either 19/04/2013, 20/04/2013

  61. Hey, I’m available Tuesday 14th May..relocate anything from Queenstown to Wellington/Taupo or anywhere near

  62. Hi There!
    I can relocate a car for you from Greymouth to Christchurch on the 15th July 2013 or from Christchurch to Greymouth on the 11th July.

  63. I’m looking to get from Queenstown to Christchurch, ideally on 25th or 26th July.

    I’ll post my contact details if anyone replies.


  64. I’m able to drive a car or campervan from Auckland to Wellington anytime from 24th September to 28th September.

    I am also available to drive a car or campervan from Wellington to Tauranga, or Auckland from 29th September – 2nd October

  65. Available to drive from Lower Hutt / Wellington to Pakaranga /Auckland as of Wednesday 11 Sept thru to Saturday 14th sept.

  66. We have just bought a house truck in moteuka, Nelson are hoping for someone to drive it down to christchurch sometime after Sep 6, please contact me on 021 029 04377, must have a HT license and we will pay petrol.

  67. Aw, this was an exceptionally good post. Taking the time and actual effort to produce a great article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and never
    manage to get anything done.

  68. Available to drive a campervan from Christchurch/Queenstown to Auckland between 17th November to the 26 of the same month give or take.

  69. I am available to move a vehicle from Quuenstown to Christchurch. I can pick up on 7th Jan 2014 from ZQN and deliver to Christchurch on 12th Jan 2014.

  70. I am available to move a vehicle from Wellington to Auckland. I can pick up from Wellington on Jan 11th or 12th 2014 and deliver in Auckland by Jan 17th or 18th

  71. Hi I am available to drive a car or campervan from the lower north Island through to Christchurch in the new year.

    Or I am able to drive from Picton to Christchurch in Jan.

    Dates are negotiable

  72. I’m available to relocate a vehicle from Christchurch on the 12th Dec, dropping off in Dunedin on the 14th Dec 2013. Please let me know if there’s anything out there. Thanks

  73. Hi,
    I am available to relocate a 8 seater or more van, wellington to auckland. The dates Dec. 23 or 24. Would like to do it for free tank of gas, and free to drive up for company. Would prefer to drive deisle gas van.
    replies much appreciated.

  74. I am able to relocate a vehicle from Christchurch to Queenstown (Area) 26th December 2013 and another back to Christchurch on 1st January 2014.

  75. Available to relocate a vehicle (auto transmission, at least 5-seater) from Nelson to Auckland between 25th to 26th Dec 2013. Would prefer free tank of fuel.

  76. I WOULD LIKE TO RELOCATE A VEHICLE FROM WELLINGTON TO AUCKLAND. PICK UP JAN 17 OR 18, DROP OFF TO AUCK ON JAN 20 OR 21. Auto or manual is fine, I have full licence and over 25. Regards. A

  77. Hi.
    I will be available to relocate a campervan from Christchurch to Auckland early March 2014. for two people.
    Also another two people wish to do the same at the same time, 60 to 65 age group New Zealand driver licences

  78. I would like to attend an auction in Dundin (wed) andTimaru (Thur) and then bring items(not furniture) up to Auckland Prefer camper Would contribute to gas. Wodering if any companies need there vans driven up.



  79. Available to relocate a car (4 passengers and luggages) or campervan (4-berth) from Christchurch on 7 June 2014 to Wellington arriving on 9 June 2014

  80. I am available to move a vehicle from Quuenstown to Auckland. I can pick up on 23th Feb 2014 from ZQN and deliver to Auckland on 1 Mar 2014.

  81. I am available to relocate car from Auckland to Wellington/Piction (5 Mar – 9 Mar 2014), Piction/Nelson to Queenstown/Christchurch (10 Mar-20 Mar 2014). Auto or manual is fine. Age over 25. Thanks 🙂

  82. Can relocate car from Dunedin to Christchurch. Collect vehicle Dunedin Tues Mar 11th to Christchurch Wed Mar 12th. Over 25 years old.

  83. Am available to relocate a car or camper van from Wellington to Auckland 6-8 March to 10-12 March. 25 years old. Cheers!

  84. Am available to relocate a car or camper van from Wellington to Auckland 2-4 April 75 year old Australian licenced

  85. Hi, I’m able to drive a car from Christchurch (or another city in the south Island) up to Auckland around 10-15th of April.
    23 years old, international drivers lisence.
    Cheers, Svenja

  86. i am available to drive any vehicle from wellington to auckland on the 14th nov 2014.. can also drive one back to wellington on the 17th.. over 25yrs. licences driver for 25yrs.

  87. Hi, i am available to drive any vehicle from Wellington to Picton on the 14th Nov 2014. I am also available to drive any vehicle back from Auckland to Wellington on 17th Nov 2014.
    i am over 25 and held licence for 25yrs.

  88. I am available to drive a rental from Wellington to Auckland on 24th October and from Auckland to wellington on 26th October.


  89. Available to relocate a vehicle from Dunedin to Picton or Wellington on Sunday 30 November 2014, crossing to Wellington on Monday 1 December.

  90. Hi,
    We are needing to get our family down the island after xmas.
    From Auckland to Wellington. Do you ever have any vehicle’s going this way?

  91. Hi, I’m a 53 years old driver with a 1979 license and available to relocate a car or a van from Auckland to Tauranga 21st January 2015 from 6 pm or 22nd from 9 am.

  92. I am available to drive a rental car from Dunedin to Invercargill on the 30th December. 37yrs old with drivers licence. Please contact me.

  93. I’m available to drive anywhere in the southern island from the January 8th close to Nelson and from the 9th from anywhere.

    Contact me by mail ASAP please.

    I’m 28 years old, serious.


    • Hey, I’d really need to get out of Motueka/Nelson, spent 3 weeks here and would love to share a ride with you to the South! I need to be at Alexandra as soon as possible, but I wouldn’t mind taking a stop in Wanaka or something. Please let me know if that’s alright with you –

  94. I am available to transfer a motorhome or campervan from Christchurch to Hamilton or Auckland for 5days or more between 24th January to 24th February 2015.

    I am of age.

  95. Hi There
    I am interesting to relocate a car from Queenstown or even Christchurch to Auckland on 15 or 16 0f February.
    If there is something available I can share a ride or even drive if necessary of corse.


  96. I need a vehicle to relocate from Auckland to Wellington in the next few days. I need to bring a large painting so it must be big.

  97. Hi I am planning to travel to a south island on the 24th this month and return back to auckland on the 27th from christchurch. Do let me know if you have any vehicle that needs to be relocated during that time both ways.

  98. Hi, I Got a car in Christchurch needing to be Relocated to Northland this Month or by July. (Prefer Auckland or Whangarei) ,Will come with a full tank of gas. Contact me 02114Six4Six9Six.

  99. Hi there,

    I’m looking at moving furniture from Wellington to Auckland and would like to access a ‘you drive’ truck for this purpose. I’m looking at early August if anything is available.


  100. Hi.
    I can bring a vehicle from christchurc or queenstown to Auckland. Pick up Date 20 December drop has to be 27/28 December.

  101. Hi team do you have any cars that need relocating from wellington to Palmerston north on the 20th Decemeber


  102. Anyone need a car to drive from Auckland to Christchurch? Need done ASAP but up to and including February is fine. Nice tidy 1.5Litre Hatchback 🙂

    • Hi,
      Is the offer still valid? What would be included and what are the conditions?
      I’m a European resident, 39 y/o guy, with valid international driving license. I will be traveling in NZ during the next few weeks with my mother, and we could take the car from Auckland to Christchurch.
      I have already spent 3 weeks in NZ this yeas, and have driven few thousand kms there.


  103. I’m available to transfer a campervan between Auckland and Wellington in either direction between the 4th Feb And the 7th

  104. Hi, My wife and I, mature NZ’rers, travelling Tauranga (airport?) to Auckland Airport early hours 10th July 2018. Car, camper or whatever.
    Clean drivers licence and record. Can pick-up the day before if required.

  105. Available to drive a car from Dunedin to Queenstown around the 26th August. And potentially going from Queenstown back to Dunedin around 28/29th August if needed!

  106. Does anyone need a vehicle relocated (from QT or Chch) to North Island approx. mid November 2018? My wife and I are thinking about flying down for a week’s holiday and driving back. Full clean licences and experienced drivers. We live in Hamilton but could relocate a vehicle to Auckland if needed.

  107. We are available to relocate a car or camper from Invercargill or Queenstown to Christchurch or Wellington in the first week of January 2019

  108. Hi there!! Available all month of January and December to relocate cars/campervans from Auckland to South Island. 0226052491.

    28 yeras old, full license.

    • Julian, I missed your call and the 800 number you gave to my wife is not a complete one, she must missed at least one number so I could not phone you back, please phone me on 0210599907, if you leave a voice messages to me make sure you address your mobile or 800number clearly and slowly , better speak it at least twice. Thank you again and I will communicate with you through phone later, may be Tuesday as I will be off work. Keep in touch. Stephen from Hamilton, New Zealand

  109. I need my friend’s car (Audi stationwagon) driven back to Wellington from Auckland after from or after 6 January 2019. Anyone available? I will pay petrol costs. Best contact me by below email for now,
    I am currently overseas, in country from 19 December 2018.

    • Hello, i am able to relocate the car to wellington, i will travel arround 9 or 10 of january. let me know if you still need.

  110. Hello
    i am able to relocate a car from auckland to wellington airport from 8-10 of january until 10-12 january.

    let me know if there is anyone wanted to relocate please!

  111. I am available to relocate vehicles from or to Christchurch 7 days a week. I have previous experience and clean licence.

  112. Hi, I’m looking to have a car relocated from queenstown to oxford, canterbury.

    any time within the next two weeks.

  113. My husband and I are available to relocate a camper van or motor home or car from Wellington to Auckland.

    Dates: 10th February 2020 (pick up) at Wellington port or airport
    17th February 2020 (drop off) in Auckland

    Give us a shout.

    Lorna & Paul

  114. Hello,
    I am available to redirect a car from Auckland to Napier. I can leave on either December 13th or 14th. With same day delivery.
    I am 31 y/o and hold a full NZ licence.
    Please get in touch if you would like me to relocate your car.
    Kind regards,

  115. We can relocate a car or campervan from Dunedin to Wellington from the 13th of February 2020, email me if that works

  116. We can relocate a car or campervan from Tauranga to Wellington from the 12th of December 2019.
    We can relocate a car or campervan from Wellington to Tauranga from the 16th December 2019.

  117. Hello, I am looking for long driving opportunities or driving job. I can relocate vehicles and be available almost anytime, I am looking to relocate one vehicle then return with another or would be willing to drive to specific location then pick up next vehicle drive to next destination etc etc.
    I am based in Tauranga however I am willing to travel to pick up locations on agreed terms.
    Regards Angus

  118. I am available to bring a vehicle back from Greymouth to Christchurch the weekend Feb 22-23 2020 Expect to be back in Chch around late afternoon.

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