Beginners Guide to Free Rental Car Hire Or Free Campervan Hire

The first thing you need to know is that free rental car hire or free RV hire is almost always against the flow of normal demand.

For example, one of the most popular, full-price rental car trips is a drive from Auckland to Christchurch. People pay full price for that trip every day so that means you won’t get free car hire for that journey.

But, it does mean that if you are prepared to drive Christchurch to Auckland to transfer the car, you’re in luck!

The second thing you need to know as that the car is at the centre of the agreement, not you.

Who has the power in a rental car relocation agreement?

Who has the power in a rental car relocation agreement?

This means that the current location of the rental car (or campervan) and where the rental car company needs that car relocated to, and when they need it there, are more important than your schedule.

Can you see how that is completely different to a normal hire agreement? In that situation, you are at the centre because you are a paying customer.

Next, consider your answers to the following 3 questions before you check through the list of rental cars and campervans that need returning:

  1. Which cities are you prepared to get to for picking up the car?
    • You might only be prepared to pick up from the city you live in?
    • Or, you might be a bit more adventurous and pick up a cheap flight from Grab a Seat to get to a different city?
    • Or, you might be able to catch a ride with a friend to relocate yourself?
  2. How will you get back home from the city you are dropping the rental car off in?
  3. Do you have flexibility in your schedule for getting back home?
    • You’ll need at least 2 days to complete the transfer, probably more like 3
    • Don’t be crazy and try and get a Christchurch car back to Auckland in a single day!
    • Do you have friends to stay with on the journey or will you be paying for backpacker accommodation or motels?

Ok, great, now it’s time to see what rental cars and campervans are available right now.

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